Telephone service in the catchment area of ​​Düsseldorf and Cologne

Office service Strate - your reliable partner for office services and telephone service in Ratingen

Individual service

Are you looking for a reliable professional telephone service, authentic and with over 20 years of experience in the market?

 Then you are right with us!

We offer you first-class telephone service and office service in Ratingen near Düsseldorf at a fair price. Authentic as you write to us.

Or have you just founded your company or would you like to settle in Germany and need a representative business address that can be summoned to register your company?

No problem with us!

You can rent your representative business address from us at a fair monthly price - short terms and a high degree of flexibility guaranteed. Use your new business address, for example, for the imprint of your website or business card, with weekly or daily mail forwarding if desired, scan service, office work and much more. Talk to us and let us convince you!

No mass processing or call centers, but individual service with heart and mind - since 2001 in Ratingen near Düsseldorf!

Rent a business address in Düsseldorf Ratingen
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Your new business address as company headquarters for:

Telephone service in the catchment area of ​​Düsseldorf and Cologne

Premium phone service

Since you travel a lot and your job increasingly requires you to be on site with customers, you shouldn't do without this convenience. Yes, even more, for a successful market presence, your phone should always be busy at all times.

Imagine a potential customer calling and you are in the middle of a conversation or at work. You have redirected the phone to the secretary's office so that the secretary takes your call. Our secretariat fully identifies with your company and takes all calls on your company's behalf. The secretary determines what the caller wants, provides initial information, documents the conversation and forwards it to you according to your wishes.

In the telephone service we work for doctors, lawyers, tax consultants / auditors, freelancers, commercial and craft businesses.

In addition to the telephone service described above, our other special tasks for various customers are: hotline, information hotline, advice hotline and order acceptance.

We would also be happy to take over your switchboard as a holiday replacement.

Reliable office service

You can rely on our office service. We cover pretty much all aspects of office services in particular:

  • Reception service, postal service, inbound telephone service (24 hours), central function, hotline and information line, product advice, order acceptance
  • Secretariat and assistance, typing service
  • Creation and sending of form letters, invitations, advertising letters
  • Marketing
  • Conference organization and support, catering organization
  • Hotel reservation / travel organization
  • Full service for offices, conference rooms, training rooms and day offices
  • and much more.

Talk to us and let us advise you. We are happy to hear from them!

Rent a business address in Ratingen Germany

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